The History of The Cavalier Oceanfront Resort

Cavalier Oceanfront Resort

When Harris Victor and his wife Maxine Terry visited the Hearst Castle in 1959, they did not know they would go on to change the landscape of San Simeon forever. Operating a small grocery store in Tacoma, Washington, the Victors dreamed of escaping the cold and dreary weather of the Pacific Northwest and turned their sights on California. While traveling through the Central Coast, they visited the Hearst Castle and immediately saw an opportunity. Despite the popularity of Hearst Castle, there was only one hotel in the area. Without hesitation, Harris purchased a plot of land that night and the rest is history.

Bringing his entire family on board, Harris built the Silver Surf Motel, a simple 10-unit lodge, just a few miles away from Hearst Castle. Constantly evolving, the Victors grew the motel to 40 units and sold it in 1964 to purchase a one-acre piece of oceanfront land (the current site of the Cavalier Oceanfront Resort). That’s when things got exciting for the Victors and San Simeon. In 1969, they added 32 more units to the Cavalier Inn (as it was then known) and started construction on the adjacent Plaza Shopping Center. The new shopping plaza opened in 1972 and gave San Simeon a new retail focal point. However, the good times didn’t last as Harris fell ill and passed away in 1975. The tragedy shook the entire family and put a temporary halt on any future expansion plans.

In 1980, the company completed its first expansion without Harris’s leadership - the new King’s Terrace and a new phase for the Victor family began. The following year they acquired the Cavalier Restaurant, in 1986 they acquired the Bleschyu Miniature Golf site, and in 1989 they acquired three and a half acres of the adjoining properties west and north of the Cavalier Inn. Today, this land, along with the Sands Motel property (which was acquired in 2010), is part of a massive development project, which will include a complete renovation of the Cavalier Oceanfront Resort.