Home of The Whale Trail in San Simeon

Hotel with Whale Trail Viewing Site

The Cavalier Oceanfront Resort is proud to be a recognized viewing site of The Whale Trail. Situated on the scenic Highway One, just three miles south of Hearst Castle, we offer guests and travelers an ideal spot to view these majestic creatures as they make their migration between the Gulf of Alaska and the warm waters of Baja California.

Types of Whale You May See

The Central Coast of California is most often visited by three species of whales: California Gray Whale, Humpback Whale, and Blue Whale. The most common is the California Gray Whale, which migrates between the feeding grounds of the Gulf of Alaska and the birthing/mating grounds of Baja California. California Gray Whales can be spotted making their southern migration between November and December and their northern migration between February and May. Humpback Whales visit the Central Coast between May and October, while Blue Whales travel between June and October. These sightings are quite rare as Blue Whales are considered an endangered species.

Whale Watching Tips

  • Use the telescopes provided to expand your view
  • Scan the horizon slowly and watch for anything that breaks the surface
  • Watch for stopped boats and scan the surrounding area
  • Look out for flocks of birds flying overhead
  • Look for water spouts or blows that resemble puffs of smoke
  • Look for dorsal fins floating through the ocean
  • Look for tail flukes, which help propel the whales through the water

The San Simeon Whale Trail

9415 Hearst Dr. • San Simeon, CA 93452 • 805-927-4688
Wheelchair accessible. Three telescopes are available on the deck oceanfront for complimentary viewing.